About Us

Creative Money Works is a 501c3 non-profit youth support organization. While our initial focus was financial literacy, we saw a problem in 2007 and created Feed Our Children NOW! to help feed hungry children in this country. While we were collecting more than 1,700,000  lbs of food for children, we evolved into a youth empowerment organization mentoring young people to run the program. We are pleased to say we’ve evolved into a youth helping youth non profit.

We have identified an issue that we are activating now. Our new program is I’m Down to Vote. We are creating a community of youth, too young to vote but interested in working together to help all youth realize their potential. It all begins with them making a commitment to vote when they turn 18.

We traveled the entire Vans Warped Tour presented by Journeys signing up young people to commit to voting when they are 18 and in the interim, providing programs to help them with their ideas, communicate their messages and connect with their community of like minded young people.

Young people are the FUTURE. Every vote is a voice! Please follow us on our social media sites and we’ll keep you informed!

I’m Down to VOTE! is registering young people to commit to vote, to become socially conscious and aware of their civic responsibilities. Our long term goal is to be a facilitator to empower youth,  to harness social change, build their confidence and learn to value their vote. Their Vote is their voice.